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Innovation management audit

What is the innovation management?

Innovation management begins with the assumption that all successful innovative projects (products, processes, organizational innovation) lead the company to have more profit, to be more competitive, and to the point, that properly managed internal processes are needed for having greater profit. The innovation management system consists of the company's innovative processes starting from idea to innovation realisation.


Why is important the innovation management?

Although there is a very clear correlation between the competitiveness of the company and the costs for research and innovation works, this is not a mandatory condition at a level of individual companies.In contrast to this, the size of investments on research and innovation works by the company, as growth rate index, often is very hopeless. At the same time, fast-growing companies have a tendency to better manage their innovative activities. This often helps to filter out best ideas, which leads to implementation of best ones, as well as to better management of more collaborations and innovations.That’s why, those companies actively and continuously managing their innovative processes, more often market new products and more often increase their profits.


What is the role of Enterprise Europe Network Armenia (Network) in innovation management?

The Network can provide innovation management audit services to the selected SMEs. The objective is help the companies to increase and accelerate the incomes gained from innovation by upgrading their innovative management capabilities.The Network can help SMEs by providing innovation management audit services. The diagram of the company activities is being structured while using the questionnaire consisting of 45 questions included in 8 different sections. It reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the company in mentioned 8 sections. The program simultaneously provides some suggestions on strengthening the weaknesses.

After receiving the whole package of innovation management audit, the company stands in a better position in its inner innovation processes. The objective is to make innovative companies become more competitive and help them to grow.

If you would like to receive a diagram from the above attached questionnaire, and, with the help of our specialists create an action plan aimed at strengthening your company's weaknesses,then send the completed questionnaire to info@eenarmenia.am  e-mail,  noting  your company's contacts.

Whom the innovation management audit is designed for?

The target group for innovation management audit are the SMEs having strong innovation capabilities, as well as intention to grow, but less strategic innovation management capabilities to achieve this goal.