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The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020 (H2020)

H2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020).It is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union and it is open to everyone. H2020 also aims to enhance EU international research cooperation.In November 2016 Armenia gained the status of H2020 Associated Country and Armenian researchers and organizations can participate in all H2020 calls on equal footing with EU member states.Horizon 2020 has a strong emphasis on SMEs, recognizing them as the backbone of the European economy and one of the main drivers for growth and prosperity. This is reflected in the way H2020 is structured and its budget targeted.

H2020 SME Instrument

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that are EU-based or established in a country associated to Horizon 2020 can now get EU funding and support for innovation projects that will help them grow and expand their activities into other countries – in Europe and beyond.Provided with about € 3 billion in funding over the period 2014-2020, the SME Instrument helps high-potential SMEs to develop groundbreaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition. The instrument provides full-cycle business innovation support from the stage of business idea conception and planning over business plan execution and demonstration to commercialization.Participants will be able to call on business innovation coaching for the duration of their project. Available to SMEs only, which can however organise a project in the way that best fits their business needs – meaning that subcontracting is not excluded – the new scheme has opened a new highway to innovation through phased, progressive and complimentary support.

For more information on H2020 SME Instrument please visit: http://eenarmenia.am/am/content/SME_instrument/

H2020 Collaborative Projects (SME + Partners)

SMEs can apply for H2020 calls for collaborative projects in any research area and work   with at least 2 international partners from different EU countries.

For more information please visit: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/funding/index.html


Participation in the H2020 offers some concrete advantages for SMEs, which certainly impacts on both their growth and competitiveness. First of all, there is the opportunity to network not only with other SMEs but also with academic and industrial partners. This may assist the SMEs in developing contacts for future research projects or for other business opportunities, including acting as a subcontractor. H2020 may also directly help the small companies to develop and market their products, as well as improving their access to finance via loans and venture capital under the InnovFin programme. (http://www.eib.org/products/blending/innovfin/)

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H2020 Services

With the aim to promote more active participation of SMEs in EU H2020 programme  the following services are provide to the potential H2020 applicants by EEN Armenia:

  • Dissemination of informationand awareness raising
  • Organization of information events , trainings and Brokerage Events
  • Assistance and consultancy on preparation and submission of project proposals
  • Partner search
  • Continues advice from idea to project submission and project implementation
  • Facilitation of participation of applicants in Brokerage Events in EU member states

Innovation Support Services

With the aim to reveal the innovation management potential of ambitious companies EEN Armenia provides the following Innovation Support Services:

  •   Analysis of innovation potential of enterprises using various EU tools.
  •   Improvement of the company’s innovation management - Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity(EIMC)
  •   Key Account Management (KAM ) services  for beneficiaries of the SME Instrument
  •   Technology Transfer
  •   Finding the right technology for the company to improve its innovation

You can find  partner for Horizon2020 at: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/docs/h2020-funding-guide/grants/applying-for-funding/find-partners_en.htm.

The documents related to the H2020 can be found at։  https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/funding/reference_docs.html

For further information on participation in H2020 please contact H2020 National Information Point of Armenia: http://h2020.sci.am/index.htm