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Description Country Sector Type Pub. date
Commercial agreement with technical assistance partnership for design of pilot plant for bacterial cellulose production Latvia Other sectors Technology Request 03.07.2020

A company from Latvia operated by scientists, researchers and engineers develops new products and processes in biotechnology. The company is planning to build a bacterial cellulose (BC) pilot-plant to scale up the production of BC. For this purpose it is seeking a partner with corresponding competences. The pilot-plant should be cost effective and highly automated. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.


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COVID-19 - German producer of room acoustics elements with spit protection seeks distributors or agents worldwide Germany Other sectors Business Offer 03.07.2020

A German company with a lot of experience in in-house production of top-quality noise protection and acoustic elements has responded flexibly to the need of spit protection caused by Covid-19. They offer their products to cooperation partners worldwide in the frame of a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

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A Czech ICT company strong in development of electronic systems (identification, vending, security) seeks partners for commercial agency agreement, outsourcing agreement or subcontracting Czech Republic Information Technologies Business Offer 03.07.2020

A Czech, well established ICT company focuses on development and sale of its own smart card systems and micro technologies including electronic identification systems, RFID (Radio-frequency identification)/NFC (Near field communication), biometrics, and security systems. The company has a good experience with research and business projects. The company seeks partners for commercial agency agreement, outsourcing agreement or subcontracting.

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Polish company seeking manufacturers of recuperators interested in introducing their products to the Polish market through distribution (and/or) commercial agency agreements Poland Construction Business Request 03.07.2020

A Polish company specializing in the distribution of ventilation and air conditioning systems, with experience in the industry and a wide portfolio of clients, offers its services as a distributor and representative of producers of recuperators (heat exchangers). Cooperation is offered in the form of distribution or commercial agreement.

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Spanish company is looking for an allergen-free food manufacturing agreement Spain Manufacturing of food products Business Request 03.07.2020

The Spanish company is looking for new partners which would supply healthy and natural quality products such as alergen free snacks, bars, sticks, waffles, pasta without gluten, lactose, added sugar & preservatives to cooperate within  a manufacturing agreement.

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Italian health care clinic offers joint venture cooperation in the field of nutrition services in Europe Italy Manufacturing of food products Business Offer 03.07.2020

An Italian nutrition care company specialized in the Mediteranean diet is looking for cooperation with European clinics in order to extend its activity in foreign markets through joint venture agreements.

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Romanian manufacturer of handmade ceramic products seeks raw materials suppliers under supplier agreements Romania Other sectors Business Offer 03.07.2020

A young Romanian company manufactures handmade ceramic products such as decorative plaques and faience. The company is interested in identifying international business partners able to supply the raw materials it requires for the production process. Cooperation will be based on supplier agreements.

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Ukrainian company offer heat pumps and looks for foreign partners via commercial agency and distribution services agreements Ukraine Other sectors Business Offer 03.07.2020

The Ukrainian company is offering heat pumps which guarantee the most efficient operation. This solution is energy-friendly and also friendly to the environment. The company is looking for agents and distributors of its products abroad to cooperate via commercial agency and distribution services agreement.

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Polish manufacturer of 100% cotton made baby clothes seeks distributors Poland Manufacturing of textile product Business Offer 03.07.2020

A Polish manufacturer of clothing and underwear for children and babies, with an innovative, eco-friendly diaper in its portfolio, is looking for distributors of its products. The company has "Safe for children" and "Eko-Tex" certificates, which guarantee safe use.

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Italian producer of healthy snacks is looking for distributors and agents Italy Manufacturing of food products Business Offer 03.07.2020

An Italian food manufacturer offers baked healthy corn snacks. Thanks to a patented linseed oils blending method, the products are rich in Omega-3 content and are suitable for vegetarians.The company is currently seeking distributors and agents abroad, especially (but not exclusively) from Japan, South Korea, China and Singapore, with a view to establishing a distribution agreement and/or a commercial agency agreement.

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