EIC Pathfinder Pilot

The EIC Pathfinder Pilot comprises of  FET-Open and FET-Proactive calls which in their turn include various topics.

For the most of these calls the standard eligibility conditions for participation is at least 3 entities from 3 different EU Members States and/or  Associated Countries.

FET-Open - Novel ideas for radically new technologies

 Early-stage, science and technology research by interdisciplinary consortia exploring visionary ideas for radically new future technologies that challenge current paradigms and venture into the unknownOpen to research into any area of technology, it aims to attract new, high-potential research and innovation players.

FET - Open call topics:

FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking

FET-Open Coordination and Support Actions   -  (at least 1 legal  entity  from EU Members State and/or  Associated Country.)

FET Innovation Launchpad - (at least 1 legal  entity  from EU Members State and/or  Associated Country.)

FET-Proactive – Boosting emerging technologies

FET-Proactive aims to identify the future and emerging technological paradigms with highest potential for Europe's economy and society.

FET-Proactive offers grants of up to €4 million to promote collaborative, inter-disciplinary research and innovation on science-inspired and radically new future technologies.

FET Proactive – a key element of the EIC Pathfinder Pilot - helps new research communities to be developed by encouraging researchers from different disciplines to work together on new technologies in specific domains.

The programme includes “Targeted calls”  based on the topics and challenges covered by the Work Programme, as well as calls with bottom-up approach.


FET Proactive:Emerging Paradigms and Communities

Topic ID:  FETPROACT-EIC-07-2020

Participation conditions: At least 3 entities from 3 different EU Members States and/or  Associated Countries.

Scope: proposals are sought for cutting-edge high-risk / high-reward research and innovation projects that aim to demonstrate a new technological paradigm within the scope of one of the proposed sub-topics.

 EIC Transition to Innovation Activities

Proposals must build on results from an ongoing or finished project (Research and Innovation Action), funded as a result of a FET-Open or FET Proactive call under Horizon 2020.

The EIC Transition Activities pilot aims at bringing promising technologies as they are at the end of a typical FET-Open or FET Proactive project (i.e., TRL 2/3) to a level of development, validation and demonstration where they become a credible basis for entrepreneurship, business creation, investment and, ultimately, economic and/or societal returns.

For more detailed information and the topics and subtopics of the call  please download the FET  Work Programme.