Other opportunities available for start-ups

Thereare EU-funded programs available in Armenia,which aim to support start-ups. If you are a businessman, then you can apply for EU4Business  initiative funding.

Armenian entrepreneurs also have access to EU COSME Project, which provides SME development grants.

If you are a start-up or a would-beentrepreneur, you can deny the benefitsof“Erasmus for young entrepreneurs”Project, to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in Project participating other countries.

If you work in the field of culture or media,then you can participate in the EU “Creative Europe” project’s components.

You can participate at EU Creative EuropeProject components, if you are acting in culture or media sphere.

Please, follow the link EU4Innovationto be informed on news, events and opportunities on EU support research and innovation.

If you are a researcher or a student, “Erasmus +”offers you numerous research and exchange opportunities  in all sectors and all levels. For more information please visit “National Erasmus + office  in Armenia” also explore e-cards for the program  to be informed about youth-funded opportunities within the project.

Marie Skladovskaya Curry Action Plan  (MSCA)  assists scientists in all stages of their work regardless the age and nationality. Researchers working in any field are eligible to apply for funding. MSCA supports also the collaboration between industry, academy and innovation courses, aimed at increasing the employment and expanding the career growth.